Poster Can Change Your Wall Look

? Posters are a huge part of the late 90's room decorations. It could be posters of a band, a sports team, a new car , a movie or anything that the heart desires. Even to this day, people love putting up posters in the walls of their houses. Although now it is considered a delicay more than anything. Only the biggest fans or aesthetics worshippers allow themselves to hang a poster on their walls.
Hanging a poster is a simple enough job or so people like to think. But putting an artwork up takes more thought than you would initially think. Here are some tips on how to safely put up your trasured poster:
? First make sure to clean and dry your hands.
? Lay the printed side of the poster up on a clear surface and weight down the corners.
? Clean your walls and pay special attention to the spots where you will place your removable adhesives.
? Make sure the wall is not recently painted as you may leave visible marks when you take down the posters.
? To hang posters, good quality double sided tapes can help you to hang the poster without harming it.
? Magic tape can be used as a substitute of double sided tape.
? You can also use multiple binder clips to hold posters from their edges. You can hang them from hooks and screws.
? Slide binders can also work.
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